Handle With Care

Ever wondered how it’d feel to be one of the most majestic animals on the planet? The kind of noble beast who always travels First Class (Freight)? Handle With Care will transform you into a globe-trotting king of the jungle.

Gather your pride, be bold, and step inside!

Handle With Care is a three-minute interactive experience, installed inside a wardrobe.

The wardrobe interior is dressed as the inside of a shipping crate, and audiences (particpants?) are encouraged to imagine that they are a lion, arriving at its destination after a long international flight, and giving them the opportunity to ROAR!

Gently exploring confidence and presence, children can unleash their (amplfied) roars in a public space, while feeling safely hidden and anonymous within the privacy of the wardrobe/shipping crate.

Created for families and KS1/2 children as part of KIT Theatre‘s Wardrobe Adventure, Handle With Care was initially installed in the foyer of Birmingham Rep before touring to community libraries around the West Midlands.

I conceived, scripted and designed the piece, which featured the recoreded voices of Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose and Jacob Rose, with sound design by Lewis Gibson.

Photo ©  Ben Pacey 2015 and Claire Browne 2016