Dark Land Light House

Here’s some images from sleepdogs new sci-fi horror, Dark Land Light House.

Sci-fi horror is not a genre I often get to work with, and I loved the opportunity to make a strong, saturated, non-naturalistic lighting design.

In fact, it’s not a genre theatre audiences get exposed to much, either. I really enjoyed hearing audiences after the show saying that they had ‘never seen anything like that in a theatre before’.

The show is intensely immersive. According to one audience member, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so immersed in anything,  performance or installation, as I was last night. [It] was like I was swimming in it. The lights were really stunning…”. And, of course, a lot of that is down to Sleepdogs, the performers, the rest of the creative team and our R&D work on the project back in 2014. But I’ll totally take the bit about the lights.

“Incredible lighting by Ben Pacey. Recreating an interstellar light beam is no mean feat, and it is pulled off superbly.” – Fix Magazine

The photographs below were taken by the excellent Paul Blakemore. They totally capture the atmosphere of the show, although to my eye they go some way towards desaturating one of the most colour-rich designs I’ve made recently… perhaps since Kiln Ensembe’s The Furies?

Photos © Paul Blakemore 2016.