Feast of the Dead

Dens and Signals – the company which I co-direct with Jane Packman – was commisssioned to make this performance event to commemorate the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, as part of the ROOT 1066 International festival.

Feast of the Dead remembered those who fell on the battlefield, made connections between this historic event and our contemporary lives, and celebrated resistance and protest. Our performers picked over the bones of battle, and helped to create a welcoming, communal space in which our audiences could remember the history, and consider the impact of the conquest on our contemproary lives.

We collaborated with Blanch and Shock – a team of innovative and experimental chefs – who worked with us to create a delicious three course meal, inspired by the cooking of the eleventh century.

I wrote the performance text and song lyrics for the Feast, as well as developing the concept and co-producing.  It was performed 22nd – 25th September 2016, in Hastings, UK.

“Bloody fantastic night, an evening which stays with you for days” – Audience member, 2016.

Photos © Indiana Hamilton-Brown 2016