Artist Mission: Preston



In July I spent a day in my hometown, Preston.

I’d been invited to do so by Fuel, as part of their New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood project.

I’m not going to write much about the day here (follow the link below for the full account). Just to say that it felt great to revisit the town where I grew up, and to attempt to look at it with fresh eyes. It was inspiring to be able to dedicate a few hours to imagining what I might make there, without worrying about scale or practicality!

Here’s my account of the day, on Fuel’s NTIYN blog:

Midsummer Night’s Dreaming


Midsummer Night’s Dreaming (aka #dream40) was an experiment in digital storytelling by the RSC and Google Creative Labs. Playing out in real time over midsummer weekend (21-23 June 2013) a cast of  actors performed the play live, accompanied online by a host of new characters.

As part of the core creative team, I wrote and made original text and visual content for this unique online performance.




In 1998 I co-founded wireframe, a company which made experimental, often installation-based performance.

As a company we made several pieces together: Charles Berlitz’s Passport to Spanish (1972), At Home, North Hill Relay, and The Lusiads.

Although our work was often enthusiastically received, we were ultimately unable to make the company sustainable. Wireframe’s last project was made in 2002. It was an extraordinary early creative adventure: sometimes joyous, sometimes heartbreaking.

Particularly close to my heart was At Home, an intimate installation experience for one person at a time. Here’s what Total Theatre made of it in their review:

“A genuinely unique piece of work… a magical installation, full of the pleasure of playful discovery… pure unadulterated joy”.