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Here Massive Troposphere

Currently in development, Here Massive Troposphere is inspired by the natural world, digital culture, and spending too much time alone.

As an indroduction to the piece, I made a short interactive online trailer using Twine. You can play with it, here:

In collaboration with Lucy Ellinson, Lewis Gibson, Jane Packman, Jess Parfitt,  andRich Warburton, I presented work-in-progress performances at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, and mac, Birmingham in 2014; and at Camden Peoples Theatre in 2015.

The image is collaged from Creative Commons licensed images.

Midsummer Night’s Dreaming

Midsummer Night’s Dreaming (aka #dream40) was an experiment in digital storytelling by the RSC and Google Creative Labs. Playing out in real time over midsummer weekend (21-23 June 2013) a cast of  actors performed the play live, accompanied online by a host of new characters.

As part of the core creative team, I wrote and made original text and visual content for this unique online performance.

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Palimpsest City

Palimpsest City is a digital/performance project which I’ve been helping to develop, from an intial concept by Bohdan Piasecki.

Bohdan’s idea was to establish an imaginary city – Palimpsest City – as a framing device for poems and stories: in particular, for spoken word poetry. The city will exist as an online space to explore, and as a live performance event.

The very first iteration of Palimpsest City  was performed at AE Harris in Birmingham on 18th March 2012. There’s a review of this version of the project on the Theatre Fever website.

Since then various performances and online tests have taken place. We’re currently working with producer Bianca Winter to fully realise the project.